A few years back, while living in Kansas City (known for it's barbecue and spice rubs), I was introduced to the legendary Ghost Pepper. I've always been interested in great food, spice and food culture. Now, living in NYC, I've expanded my palate even further and I know the Ghost has something incredible to offer.

I was drawn to the pepper's unique shape, smell and name. When I first experimented with the Ghost, I knew I wanted to share it with the world. Its awesome taste was one I'd never encountered before. The Ghost Pepper is authentic, powerful and it appeals to all the senses.

All our products are artistically created in small batches of the highest quality in Brooklyn, NY.


The Ghost Pepper, a hot red chili pepper, has great health, dietary and medicinal benefits. This has been know to most of the world for hundreds of years but is now only coming into its own in the Western world. The key ingredient in hot peppers, Capsaicin is associated with curing many ailments, and promoting good health. Capsaicin has been clinically tested in cancer research that suggests that it can kill and inhibit further growth of cancerous cells. It is also being studied for use in pain treatment for post-surgical pain. It is a major component in the "Master Cleanse" diet. It is also used for arthritis pain relief, migraine pain relief, muscle pain relief, pain relief from strains and sprains, sinus and headache relief, digestion problems, to lower blood pressure, to boost energy and more!


The Scoville rating is determined by how much sugar syrup it takes in order to completely lose the heat of a pepper. India's Defense Research Laboratory, (IDRL) rated the Bhut Jolokia pepper with 1,041,427 Scoville heat units (SHU), which beat the Red Savina pepper as the hottest pepper. The climate in which the pepper is grown plays a huge role in the heat intensity of the pepper. To put heat intensity of the Bhut Jolokia pepper into perspective, Bell peppers have a 0 SHU rating, Jalapenos have a 3,000 to 6,000 SHU rating, Habaneros have a 300,000 SHU rating. With the Bhut Jolokia pepper's 1,000,000 SHU rating, you can see how the pepper can be recorded as the world's hottest chili pepper.


When cutting these dried fiery peppers make sure to wear gloves—just the scent is enough to knock you off your feet. Remember, a little goes a long way.